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Research Scientist

Position Overview / Purpose

The Research Scientist will develop and run a research program aimed at identifying and applying methods for improving outcomes with cochlear implants, particularly relating to better hearing in noise and appreciation of music. This requires involvement at every aspect of the research process, including: 1) definition of research direction, 2) experimental design, 3) data collection, 4) data analysis and interpretation, and 5) communication of results via presentations, technical reports, and manuscripts. Studies will be coordinated under the direction of Research Program Leads at the Denver Research and Technology Labs. The Research Scientist will also work with internal and external researchers, clinicians, and engineers in other regions of the world.

Accountability 1:  Investigate and identify novel stimulation methods

•  Design, conduct, and analyze original, hypothesis-driven research studies that investigate and identify novel stimulation methods that may lead to better outcomes with cochlear implants and other implantable hearing solutions.

•  Specify and assist in the development of data collection and analysis software.

Accountability 2:  Research and develop promising techniques

•  Research and develop promising signal processing algorithms for sound coding

•  Test promising algorithms by conducting or guiding additional research studies within Cochlear or with external collaborators that isolate the effects of the new methods.

•  Manage technology handoff to design and development teams.

Accountability 3:  Communicate recommendations and results

•  Provide recommendations based on study outcomes to departmental team members and to clinical and technical staff including: Global Marketing, Research & Development, and other internal parties.

•  Communicate study outcomes in presentations, technical reports, and peer-reviewed journal articles.

Accountability 4:  Create and document intellectual property

•  Develop new ideas and solutions for relevant problems.

•  Document and submit inventions to the Intellectual Property department.

•  Assist in the drafting and reviewing of patents.  

 Accountability 5:  Collaborate with internal technology networks and external research partners

•  Initiate and participate in collaborative research projects with internal colleagues and external investigators.

•  Provide technical input to internal and external collaborators.

•  Serve as a liaison to academic and clinical laboratories and investigators.

Accountability 6:  Participate in the research community

•  Maintain familiarity with scientific and technical literature.

Attend and participate at relevant research conferences

Key Incumbent requirements:


•  Ph.D. in Science or Engineering relating to hearing and speech sciences, auditory psychophysics, or auditory neurophysiology.

•  Experience designing original experiments, analyzing experimental results with appropriate statistical methods, and writing technical reports or manuscripts.

•  Expert knowledge in one or more of the following areas: sound coding for cochlear implants, auditory processing, auditory perception.

•  Excellent verbal and written communications skills.

•  Highly developed problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

•  Programming experience in a high-level scripting language such as MATLAB or Python.


•  3+ years of post-doctoral research experience.

•  Established track record of publication in external peer-reviewed publications.

•  Significant cochlear implant and/or hearing aid research experience.


Cochlear Americas is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer.

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